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Tiens Mobile Information System

TMIS Privacy Policy

TIENS Mobile Information System (TMIS) is a web based service that give various information for all Indonesia TIENS Distributor in their effort to develop their business as an IBO (Independent Business Owner).
TMIS service is specially designed to be accessed by mobile phone quickly, efficiently, and easily.
You agree to bear any costs that may incur for using this TMIS application, which is collected by the provider of the telecommunications service you use. Tiens Group and its affiliated enterprises are not obligated in any case to compensate you for such costs and expenses.

There are other links to other Web pages on the TMIS application. Tiens assumes no responsibility for the content, privacy policy, or operations of any other APPs, or for the behaviors of the companies operating these TMIS application. You are advised to carefully read the personal information confidentiality system for the other APPs that link with us.

Security and Warnings:
Data transmission via Internet can never be 100-percent safe. We have taken measures to protect your personal data, but we cannot guarantee the safety of any information you send to us. You will bear the risk of transmitting any personal information. Upon receiving the information transmitted, we will take reasonable commercial measures, and do our best to guarantee its safety on our system. However, Tiens Group will not be responsible for maintaining the security of your username, password, or any account information.

Acceptance of this clause:
Using this TMIS application shall be seen as you agreeing to the terms of this Information Security and Privacy Statement. If you do not agree with this statement, please do not use this application. This TMIS application reserves the right to amend this statement at any time. If you continue to use TMIS application of Tiens after the release of a revised privacy statement, it shall also be deemed that you accept these amendments.
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