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TIENS Mobile Information System
24 Hours Support for TIENS Distributors
What is TMIS?
TIENS Mobile Information System abbreviated TMIS is a web-based service contains various information needed by Tiens distributors in developing their business
TMIS services created specifically to be accessible easily and quickly by using a mobile phone that has internet connection or GPRS minimum.
Scope of TMIS Service
TMIS Service Coverage:
- Network Data.
- Various tools to sharpen the focus in achieving the goals to increase rank and turnover.
- Various qualification informations.
- Various TIENS general information such as stockist list, news, etc.
- Various information from OneVISION Support System.
How to Apply and Enable TMIS Services
1. User candidate must be registered as TIENS distributorTIENS.
2. For old member star 1 to star 7 rank, please visit the nearest or your favourite stockist. For new member star 2 and star 3, there is no need to buy a voucher because of free TMIS for six months.
3. For star 8 rank, please visit nearest TIENS branch office.
4. Please bring along photocopy of TIENS ID Card and KTP
5. TMIS is given free for new members with personal sales minimum 500PV within the first month, or accumulated minimal 1000PV in the first two months.
-. In order to login for the first time, new members is asked to type the ID and password which is the opposite of the ID.
-. Soon after first login, the new distributor will immediately be asked to change the password.
-. The free account can be accessed next month after the official genealogy data is available.

If you have any question, please send an email to:
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