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Tiens Mobile Information System
What is TMIS?
TIENS Mobile Information System abbreviated TMIS is a web-based service contains various information needed by Tiens distributors in developing their business
TMIS services created specifically to be accessible easily and quickly by using a mobile phone that has internet connection or GPRS minimum.
Scope of TMIS Service
TMIS Service Coverage:
- Network Data.
- Various tools to sharpen the focus in achieving the goals to increase rank and turnover.
- Various qualification informations.
- Various TIENS general information such as stockist list, news, etc.
- Various information from OneVISION Support System.
How to Apply and Enable TMIS Services
1. User candidate must be registered as TIENS distributorTIENS.
2. For old member star 1 to star 7 rank, please visit the nearest or your favourite stockist. New member will get be able to access TMIS for free.
3. For star 8 rank, please visit nearest TIENS branch office.
4. Please bring along photocopy of TIENS ID Card and KTP
-. In order to login for the first time, new members is asked to type the ID and password which is the opposite of the ID.
-. Soon after first login, the new distributor will immediately be asked to change the password.
5. For distributors that are not making any purchases for 6 consecutive months, up to December 2014 period, their TMIS access permissions will disabled on January 2015 onwards.
6. When the distributor at point 5 make any purchases, his/her TMIS access permissions will be reenabled automatically.

If you have any question, please send an email to: cs_indonesia@tiens.com
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